Ottawa, I Love You

I am sitting on my working desk next to my Cooper inspired air purifier who makes a soothing sound and I look at my lovely dogs. We live in a big house surrounded by trees in a really nice neighborhood with kids playing outside. While I look at my surroundings, I remember how blessed I am to live in such a beautiful place. I’m about to take my bag, get my bicycle, and go to work. But before that, I’ll meet a couple of friendly people who I really like and have a coffee or two. I say to myself, Ottawa deserves a movie. I remember the movies dedicated to other cities with “I love you” in the title, and I think that’s exactly what this city needs Ottawa, I Love You.

I don’t know if you know the series of movies with titles such as Paris, I Love You, New York, I Love You, Berlin, I Love You, Shanghai, I Love You? They are movies made with loving dedication to the cities that are mentioned. I personally prefer New York, I Love You the most because its directors are artists who know how to express sensibility. The series has begun with the french director Emmanuel Benbihy who started this franchise with the movie Paris, je t’aime. Since that movie, five others have been produced. Each movie includes several stories which center around contemporary characters who live in the city and bear the hope for love. Every story is directed by a different director which gives the movies a certain kind of appeal and one-of-a-kind experience. 

I wish that Ottawa can be the sixth city that’s part of this franchise. This city definitely deserves such a perpetuation. I have several Canadian directors in mind that can produce a masterpiece. The music can be made by the local authors and it will be a movie that speaks about the beauty of the town and its culture. I offer my love life story as one of the segments. It will center around my daily routine. Every day in this city makes me happy. I just love this town.