Medical Treatments in Ottawa

Foot fungus infection is a common occurrence, and it appears on fingernails and toenails. Your nails can turn yellow, or in some cases brownish. It is not always painful, but it can be though. Your nails if infected could become brittle, and there were cases when they even fell off. This kind of infection can be embarrassing.

You can get infected by sharing facilities, or by walking barefoot. You can easily get it at the gym or a locker room. You should be careful around public places. There are some precautions that you can take, like keeping your nails short and, changing your socks often, using powder to absorb extra sweat from your feet and things like that.

However, if you do get infected with toenail fungus, you can easily find medical treatment in Ottawa (among other available treatments). There are various treatments available for this kind of infection. You can choose between laser treatment and other alternative conventional treatments.

Do you avoid wearing flip flops and other open shoes because you have yellow or brownish nails? Do you go to the beach or do you stay away from it and miss out on fun due to your nail problems? Do you ever go barefoot or are you too ashamed? Do you ever hide your nails? Have you ever consulted with a specialist about this problem?

If you answered yes to these questions, than you should seriously think about treating your feet once and forever. Ottawa offers great laser treatment, but if you are not up to it, there are other methods as well. People who have this infection are usually embarrassed and avoid places like the beach or a swimming pool. Some even go to greater lengths and have their nails removed. There is no need for that. There are specialist who know how to help you and treat your nails. The reason why it is so difficult to get rid of them is because it is very difficult to treat the area underneath the nail itself.

Medicine evolves from day to day nad now there are other treatments for this particular problem. Your doctor may prescribe you drugs:

  • Oral antifungal drugs
  • Medicated nail polish
  • Medicated nail cream
  • Laser and light-based therapies
  • and as a last option nail removal

So you see, there are many options. It would be best to see a doctor and listen to whatever he has to say, and than try some of these methods. Of course, start with drugs, do not have your nails removed immediately, this is the last option in case if nothing else works. Remember, take care of yourselves, do not use shared facilities unless you can not avoid them, do everything in your power to avoid getting infected. If you are a student living in a dorm, it will be difficult for you to avoid this because you have to share the same bathroom with others. Just follow the precaution measures, and you will be fine, if you still get infected, do not think that this will go away on its own, it won’t, see a doctor.