Local Gym Profile

My gym in the lovely urban paradise of Ottawa is small and family-oriented. It has everything the big ones do, just less equipment and facility space. What it does have is a giant Olympic-size outdoor pool with lifeguard, a snack bar with “healthy” treats, tennis courts, and a basketball court. This is unusual, but it is more of an all-purpose recreation place than a traditional workout venue.

So there is a lot to do with people are scattered about doing what they like best from morning to night. The locker rooms are pristine and spacious with adjustable showers, easy touch sinks, and bathroom scales. The scales remind us why we are here: to keep fit, stay at the optimum weight, and live a long life Canadian style.

Getting on the digital scales the first time was somewhat daunting. Yup, there were a few extra pounds. How to get the numbers in my favor? The gym, albeit small, had helpful “motivators” or workout coaches to help set routines and goals. Try a little circular training or just use the elliptical. Do you like swimming, exercise classes, Pilates, or dance? I had some options and decided to try a few in full view of all in attendance.

The classes were on the ground floor next to the pool so after getting heated up, you can take two steps and cool off. The snack bar was calling my name. This was to be my dieting downfall. Even though it advertised healthy snacks, those protein bars have 300 calories! The fruit smoothies have more.

Back to the workouts. My favorite class was boxing—adults only. I decided to go regularly. On other days, I combined swimming and the treadmill. From time to time a little weight lifting felt good. I was on my way. The club trainers enjoyed watching my progress as did some of the regulars. At the small club, you knew everyone and helped cheer them on to new heights of fitness. The tennis people were another breed and seldom crept indoors. Same with basketball.

Okay. The time was now for truth telling. The best body fat scale I’ve ever seen was beckoning me to step on. It was time for My Weigh In. With a bit of trepidation, I did. Yay! I was within my target weight range and pleased as the complementary punch in a vat on the entry counter to the gym. I treated myself to a smoothie that day, but I was so stoked that I avoided them thereafter. When you lose weight, you feel euphoric. I do credit the gym staff for my results. Personal attention is the hallmark of the club and goes way beyond what you get at the big chains.

I want to compliment everyone for getting me on track and staying there. I have made new friends and look forward to every visit. It really is a way of life when you think about it. Whether you like the early morning, a lunch break session, or early evening, the gym is your go-to place for mental and physical refreshment. The scales are there to tell the tale.