Appliance Heaven

There is a wonderful appliance depot in Ottawa on the outskirts of the urban area to serve residents from the surround suburban areas called They come from near and far to buy the latest, greatest home implements including stoves and cooktops, refrigerators, dishwashers, and washer/dryer sets. All the latest models and colors are there. It’s fun and easy.

Moms bring their kids in tow. There is a play area in the back complete with miniature appliances and an easy-bake oven for the girls. Boys tend to favor turning whirring mixers and blenders on and off. If the children are well-behaved, an attendant makes fruit smoothies to taste. They will sit quietly for a moment and sip the delicious brews.

The patient mothers can then scrutinize the wares. Whatever is needed, ample offerings are available. Savvy consultants show the storage capacity of refrigerators and the digital wonders of stoves and dishwashers. Just in case mom shops on a whim, there are amazing new hand mixers in stainless, pink, red, blue, and yellow that even have digital controls and displays. She can treat herself to a new food processor with all the new settings and capabilities, or maybe a rotisserie oven.

The appliances send mom into a reverie. She daydreams of baking cakes and cookies, preparing a turkey breast, or chopping veggies for a salad. She imagines minutes to make bread and seconds to purée potatoes. What will she do with the old stuff? Donate or keep?

Mom sees a world where nothing breaks down and everything lasts a lifetime. No repairman will darken her door! But the choices send her into a frenzy of decision-making. Can she select more than one device? She came for the fridge but, ah, there is so much more….

The kids are happy off in the distance, mindful she is a few steps away. They throw balls, cast small fishing rods in an inflated rubber pond, and read books when they poop out early. Bored with the mini appliances, they go on to amuse themselves with other things. Mom, however, is in appliance heaven. Now she wants a new kitchen, even cabinets, especially a state-of-the-art cooktop. She uses electricity, not gas, and there are many fine smooth surfaces that glow with pride.

She makes a list for dad, takes a few cell phone photos and sends them off in an email. “What a great place,” she coos. Dad replies, “go for it.” Mom is ecstatic. She has found Ottawa’s best and will take advantage of today’s special discount for two or more appliances. She orders stainless steel in just the right size with side freezer for the refrigerator and a matching chef’s stove. Stainless will be the new order of the day so she must have a companion blender and mixer, of course. “Mmmm,” she mutters as she contemplates the prices. “Not bad.”

The appliances will be packed and shipped that day and expedited to her home the next. Free installation is included. What an easy life, she thinks. The kids had fun, she was rapt with desire, and the whole experience was top-tier.