A New Life in Ottawa

A New Life in Ottawa

Have you been thinking about relocating? Maybe you are from a small town and want a thriving urban metropolis, but something unique and a bit exotic in cultural terms. Perhaps you are a city person through and through and want to stay that way. You are in a technological field and need a less competitive environment than Northern California. Finally, you may be tired of bland new-construction suburbia where no one has roots.

If any of these scenarios describes you, Ottawa could be your ideal choice for a major move. Why Canada? First of all, most people speak English, certainly in Ontario. Over 80% of the population in the entire country is conversant in the language. Next comes climate. While you might be imagining frigid temps and your kids skiing to school, the warm summers and cold winters are a nice contrast for those who enjoy real seasons of the year. (Californians and Floridians may want to undertake a reverse migration from hot to cold.) Given the many business and recreational opportunities, and the rich cultural heritage, air temperature should not be much of a factor. The city gears up well for the semi-continental climate; and if you love snow, you will be in heaven.

Next consider lifestyle. As the city offers great employment options with the Canadian and municipal governments, unemployment is less threatening than in certain areas of the US. Furthermore, there is a multi-cultural vibe to the area that attracts and welcomes ethic groups. The technological realm competes favorably with Silicon Valley in California with growth companies alongside blue chips like Hewlett Packard, 3M, Adobe Systems, and Bell Canada. You can live urban or rural and get the most for you money in upcoming neighborhoods. All the amenities are there for anything from a quaint, turn-of-the-century stone house to modern high-rise condos. You can even opt for a cozy apartment to a sprawling country estate.

Public transportation is great in Ottawa and can take you around to colorful neighborhoods like Spark Street Village, Beechwood Village, Glebe, Preston Street/Little Italy, Quartier Vanier (for Francophiles), Wellington Village, and Somerset Village, among others. Select a residential area that feels right. Businesses, shops, and services abound. Stroll or bike through the streets among landmark heritage buildings, pubs, and restaurants. The magic of Ottawa can be yours.

Beyond the job and home of your dreams, Canada offers political diversity: voting patterns in the city reflect liberal and conservative bents. It is first a foremost a democratic society with a parliamentary style of government. Entertainment and nightlife abound as well as family adventures and wholesome outdoor fun. For those who relish variety, sophistication yet earthiness, historical roots, and an open-minded warmth, Ottawa is a destination of choice for relocation.